Lets just talk…

Lets just talk…

Hey yall…wow…man this past week and this week…too much happening at once. First off, sorry I didn’t follow my 5 videos a week thing for the 2nd week now…working a full time job and a part time job right after doesn’t leave you with very much time at the end of the day..working 13-15 hours a day..makes ya tired.

Lets talk some news-ish stuff shall we?

So…I needs to rethink this 5 videos a week thing…what about leave Speed Builds…maybe weekend again? and leave #SimLinksBuildMyHouse but make it ever 2 weeks? Thoughts? Yes? No? sure? lets me know.

I am really enjoying the Cities Skylines LP and 2 Broke Girls one…do you guys? You guys, well some of you guys 😉 seem to like it 😀 which makes me super duper happy 😀 So those will stay too…not sure which order…maybe back to back so CS and then 2BG the next day…we’ll see 🙂

Now something epic!

So I have been working on something…this….imma leave it at this 🙂 more info coming very soon! It’s super awesome! I can’t wait for it being done!


Now some…meh news…I guess LOL

SO..in the past few days I really haven’y had much inspiration when it comes to building..its been kinda gone…like puff…gone…not sure whats happening there…but someone call for some help..thanks!

Damn this post is getting long..hello people still reading this…you rock! here is a cookie!

Imma start doing more posts like this…it seems like a cool idea..I still dont use my tumblr so…this will have to do LOL

Yall liking the new SimLinks look? I like purple..its a nice color! much like…10/10 recommend it!


Yep…thats still happening! We are working on some cool stuff and cant wait to get it out there…just give us some time and we will be back with more podcasts very soon! 😀


Guess that is it…love ya all…stay awesome!

Torben…almost spelled my name wrong here…oops


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